Special Situations Investment Banking

SOLIC’s investment banking professionals have extensive experience structuring and executing sales of distressed assets to maximize recoveries for investors and creditors in special situations. Working with clients both in and out of court, we evaluate a full range of considerations including but not limited to: strategic alternatives, market conditions, bridge liquidity needs at lowest cost of capital, first step performance improvement and asset rationalization solutions, proper positioning and/or bundling of business assets, prospective bidder synergy identification, optimum solicitation and execution mechanics, stalking horse bidder selection, as well as relevant legal and regulatory challenges to identify the most efficient and effective transaction solution(s) to achieve best risk adjusted recoveries and returns.

SOLIC professionals have experience with a full range of solutions including modification of existing credit agreements through extended forbearance agreements, amendments and restatements, negotiation of debt for equity exchanges, milestone targeted sales pursuant to the full range of potential execution mechanics out of court, or pursuant to Section §363 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, UCC-9 sales, and sales executed under an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors.

SOLIC has the expertise, creativity and experience to devise and execute complex liquidity solutions for our clients. We have extensive experience working with companies to rapidly identify capital sources to address liquidity needs to keep businesses operating and preserve enterprise value. SOLIC has both its own proprietary fund, as well as established relationships with a variety of institutional capital sources that can offer a wide range of rescue financing and distress investment solutions.