Crisis & Interim Management

When facing a crisis, SOLIC professionals provide immediate stability and bring considerable depth of experience while serving in interim management roles. SOLIC leadership is adept at rapidly assimilating the situation, providing depth of expertise with multi-disciplinary backgrounds and seasoned experience to immediately support, positively impact, and guide companies and their stakeholders in a variety of special situations. SOLIC professionals have successfully served in numerous interim leadership roles including CEO, CRO, CFO, COO, Executive Chairman, Fiduciary (e.g., Trustee, Receiver, Stakeholder Representative, etc.) and other Corporate Officer and Director roles, often with delegated and direct control over all day to day business, financial, investment and liquidity management decisions.

SOLIC’s comprehensive range of crisis and interim management services include:

  • Manage short-term and long-term liquidity optimization initiatives
  • Assist in review and assessment of operational improvement initiatives and develop recommended operational restructuring plans
  • Work collaboratively with company stakeholders to prioritize and assess strategic goals and objectives
  • Review company’s financial position, operational trends, capital needs, financial outlook, market position, etc.
  • Manage business stabilization and liquidity plans, including preparation for and implementation of asset dispositions or strategic transactions