Healthcare Services | Third Quarter 2016

November 2016 – Deal volume in healthcare M&A in Q3 2016 totaled 363 transactions, ranking the quarter as the second-highest in deal volume for any previous third quarter, according to preliminary figures from Irving Levin Associates. Inc. As compared to the same period a year prior (the top-ranked Q3 for deal volume) deal volume in Q3 2016 declined 12%. In terms of transaction dollar volume for healthcare M&A, Q3 2016 totaled $48.0 billion, which in most other years would be a respectable amount. However, in recent years, spending has become so outsized that Q3 2016 transactional dollar volume is down 75% from the same period a year prior, a period which had two deals comprising $43.9 billion, or 91% of the entire Q3 2015’s dollar volume.
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December 5, 2016