Strategic Assessment

SOLIC has the expertise and experience offering unique insights while conducting thorough strategic assessments, reliably evaluating root causes that create distress, and most importantly identifying, prioritizing, and planning practical solutions and realistic alternatives to meet each client’s strategic objectives.

We offer an independent perspective on relevant matters that often include but are not limited to evaluating: relative market and financial position, operational trends and performance, industry and financial outlook, organizational design and competency, gaps in expertise and capital needs. Assessment areas of focus typically include such areas as:

  • Market analysis and competitor assessment
  • Historical financial performance evaluation
  • Organizational design and leadership assessment
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Operational benchmarking
  • Strategic plan evaluation and development
  • Review of core-competencies and SWOT analysis
  • Optimal value realization analyses, including sum-of-the-parts versus whole company sale analysis requiring proper structuring and positioning