Fiduciary Roles

SOLIC professionals have extensive experience serving in fiduciary, board of director, receiver or trustee roles for operating companies or portfolio of assets in connection with the wind-down of a corporation, investment fund, or bankruptcy estate.

SOLIC’s Fiduciary roles provide a range of value added services such as:

  • Managing short-term and long-term liquidity optimization initiatives
  • Assisting in review and assessment of operational improvement opportunities, and recovery plan development and implementation
  • Investigating and evaluating claims and supervising litigation strategies and alternative approaches to recovery
  • Performing critical administrative and financial reporting and treasury management functions
  • Overseeing the strategy, management, positioning and orderly disposition of a wide range of asset classes
  • Overseeing the orderly and efficient wind-down of operations instituting proper risk management and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Controlling disbursements on behalf of a trust or estate to properly effect the timely transfer of beneficial interests in coordination with recovery execution liquidity requirements
  • Serving as a proactive officer, independent director or sole responsible stakeholder of companies, and/or estate related subsidiaries or affiliates