Operational Rehabilitation & Performance Improvement

The need for restructuring is driven by many factors, such as economic uncertainty, changes in technology or manufacturing processes, heightened marketplace competition, material modification of regulatory or tax requirements, distress related shifts in cost of capital, or unexpected rapid deterioration in business efficiency and performance. For a broad array of industries, the SOLIC team possesses the expertise to evaluate and execute optimal operational restructuring processes necessary to achieve and recover value.

SOLIC’s highly credentialed Restructuring professionals have multidisciplinary backgrounds with financial, operating management, fiduciary leadership, and legal expertise that ensure clients improve operating performance, enhance profitability, and maximize value. We assist companies who are in distress or affected by insolvent entities through the entire lifecycle of a restructuring: from the initial review and assessment, into effective decision-making support, and through to the successful implementation of value realizing, transaction solutions.

SOLIC’s comprehensive range of operational rehabilitation and performance improvement services commonly include the following elements:

  • Historical and forecasted financial performance validation
  • Strategy support and negotiation leadership, including constituency management
  • Organizational assessment and re-design, including screening and placement oversight
  • Identification and implementation of performance improvement initiatives including, but not limited to, efficient cost structure, margin enhancement, and revenue growth initiatives
  • Customer/Client/Contract/Branch, etc. profitability assessment and corrective action plans
  • Liquidity management, including cash management controls and cash flow forecasting
  • Formulation of management retention and incentive programs
  • Alternative litigation recovery and dispute resolution support