Veteran Leadership
Multidisciplinary team has worked together an average of 15 years with a cumulative experience of over 150 years, rapidly assimilating key value drivers, and executing implementation plans with consistent success in complex, distressed environments. 

Proven and Replicable Operating Discipline
SOLIC creates enterprise value in distressed asset support services and principal investing situations by focusing on operations performance improvement and effective capital restructuring through SOLIC’s hallmark 3P3M™ rehabilitation process.

Distressed Control Expertise
SOLIC’s broad industry knowledge, technical expertise in execution mechanics for successful distressed asset support services and investments, and its process-driven turnaround capabilities are opportunistically applied across multiple industries to capture value throughout the macro-economic cycle as varying industry sectors and companies undergo both correlated and uncorrelated distress.

Significant Asset Management Experience
The expertise of SOLIC’s professionals is evidenced by their current roles, entrusted on behalf of global financial institutions as fiduciaries with oversight responsibility for the orderly disposition of portfolios in excess of $300 million of distressed assets including non-performing C&I loans, operating companies, operating real estate assets, asset backed securities, and various other assets.