Asset Disposition Planning and Execution

SOLIC’s Asset Disposition Planning and Execution services provide a unique set of solutions to investors, lenders and creditor constituencies in the management of distressed assets resulting from failed financial institutions, poorly performing hedge funds, troubled private equity portfolios and distinct operating businesses.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, SOLIC Capital Management, LLC has the ability to provide turn-key portfolio services to single companies, as well as to portfolios of disparate, distressed assets including oversight, fiduciary decision-making and back-office administrative services and litigation management.

SOLIC’s professionals have broad industry experience with distressed asset pools including but not limited to:

  • All commercial and industrial, healthcare, and financial services related operating companies
  • Diversified loan portfolios
  • Commercial/Industrial/Residential real estate
  • Land development assets
  • Structured financing products
  • Life settlements

With each client, SOLIC employs detailed modeling and portfolio analysis to develop asset specific strategies to realize maximum net present value on a risk adjusted basis. These strategies often incorporate:

  • Current economic forecasting and relevant commodity/industry sector specific forecasts
  • Asset segmentation, strategic positioning and current valuation trends
  • Assessment of bulk sale realization vs individual asset sales
  • Assessment of sale vs self-liquidation alternatives
  • Pre-emptive vs broad solicitation or auction benefits
  • Reserve/release pricing determinations
  • Stalking horse selection, or SOLIC Fund backstop, when relevant
  • Regulatory and/or judicial process compliance factors
  • Evaluation of litigation and related damages claims, including strategy, cost benefit, and execution oversight support
  • Optimum execution mechanics and contingency planning